Alabama County Jail Inmate Search

Alabama County Jail records can be useful when searching for inmates and prison records usually contain inmate information and are sometimes available online.

Jail records usually can be found directly from prisons and jail houses or from law enforcement agencies special the sheriff's offices usually hold detailed information about prisoners, those who have just been arrested or are waiting to be transported to jails or those who are already in the prison system and even parolees.

For jail inmate searches it is always best to start at the sheriff's office. There is usually a sheriff's office for each county and jurisdiction who can guide you for finding inmates and finding rules about jail visitation or communication with prisoners. The hours of operation for each jail and rules are useful to know if you need to visit any inmates. Sheriff's offices also hold information about most wanted cirminals as well as sex offenders.

If you need to find out if someone has a criminal record or has been in jail then you can run a background check or get a criminal history report otherwise if you need to just find out if someone is in jail or which jail they are imprisoned in then contacting the sheriff's department from below county list should get you stared on your jail inmate search.

Search Jail Inmates in Counties in Alabama