Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Money

Examples of unclaimed property include cashier checks, utility deposits and other refunds, mineral interest or royalty payments, dormant bank accounts and the contents of abandoned safe deposit boxes.

  • Unclaimed insured deposits up to the insurance limit
  • Dividends declared on excess deposits over the insurance limit
  • Dividends declared on general creditor claims
  • Funds distributed to the shareholders of the failed institution

Did you know that few years ago almost 1.5 billion dollars worth of unclaimed property and assets were returned to the owners. There are laws and rules in each state in United States regarding unclaimed properties and assets. There are many programs to find the onwers of those assets and properties. There is over 32 billion dollars of assets being safeguarded by states until owners have been identified.

Common forms of unclaimed property could include savings accounts, deposit boxes, stocks, uncashed dividens, insurnce payments or refunds, life insurance proceeds, trust distributions, traveler's checks. Most companies and organizations are required by law to send lost or unclaimed assets to the state the state then has programs that tries locating the owners of these unclaimed assets so they can return themto their rightful owners. You can search databases to see if there is any unclaimed property that you might be entitled to.

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