Online Background Checks

For a thorough background check you should search criminal history, court records, find current past addresses, check prison, jail inmate records, and department of corrections records. Also you should check professional licenses and other credentials. Below you will find links to various government agencies and courts where you can search for any public records that will help you compile an online background check or criminal history. Remember not all records in all counties and states are computerized and there are states who restrict access to certain data. If you are having trouble getting to the information you need you can alwasy try an instant online background check, they usually run between $20 to $60 and you usually get results in matter of minutes.To be thorough you can get a background check with a nationwide criminal check. You can also get an FBI background check these records are at federal level. Simply click on the link below FBI background check.

Free Background Check - Nationwide

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks include criminal history either in a specified state or nationwide checking all the states. A background check does not necessarily include criminal records so if you are interested to find out about someone's criminal history make sure to check to see if it is included.

Employment Background Checks

Employment background checks are regulated by FCRA and can only be run upon permission of the person you are running a background check on. There are specific regulations protecting consumers against misuse of private information.

SSN Background Checks

If you have someone's SSN or social security number then you can probably run a more accurate background check. You can confidently identify a person by their SSN therefore you can easily run an accurate background check.

Federal Background Checks

You don't have access to FBI background checks unless you are a member of law enforcement agency, except of course on yourself. You can request to see an FBI background check on yourself. You can however obtain federal court records or federal penetentiary records for others.

Is it important to run a background check?

Yes, you are sometimes letting strangers in your home for services or otherwise or sometimes you are an employer and for hiring purposes you need to run a background check in order to better know a person through any past activities. You don't want to hire someone else who might have had a serious criminal history or if you are getting involved in services or partnership of any kind with someone who might have serious felonies or judgements or tax liens against them

Learn how to do a background check in order to find the criminal and other background information on an individual?

In order to screen potential tenants or employees or renting an apartment one has to check background information. A background check for criminal history is a report on prospective tenant or employee.

A job applicant needs to provide past as well as present addresses to the prospectiveemployer who would then use a service to do a background screening or background check on the criminal history in the area the person has lived. There are many national and online databases that provide you with millions of public records. Many counties provide the best level of information on individuals in order to conduct a background check. They have all indexes of criminal cases online easily accessible to anyone with a computer. Many counties allow a background checks to be done only in the court. Companies doing background screening use a team of researchers in counties all over the United States. Criminal search whether at the county level or online provide the most accurate check for criminal records. The state criminal background is easier to obtain but could be less detailedl. Local sheriff departments can do a state background check however you can do it directly at the State Department of Corrections or State Bureau of Investigations.