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Publc Record Results, a free service to the consumer, helps you get results for your people searches through public records. We have gathered a wealth of information and resources to help you with your people search. Keep in mind some states or online services charge fees others are free. We gather people search relevant resources all in one place so you can easily locate the people you are searching and find more information about them, such as their current address or address history or even conducting a background check to learn more about their past history.

People Search is the most basic way to either locate a person or to find information about a person. You can start searching for a person on Google first and see if you get any results if you even find a few more pieces of data it could help you further along your search. There are some other free people search contact sites that would also be helpful such as or Your other choices are links to public agencies and government who might have public record data that could help with your search we have organized some of these sources by state for your convenience. You can also try a premium online service which usually provide you with a report that has aggregated all the public record data. These people search sites have a variety of reports with different level of detail from simple contact information to detailed background checks with criminal records. Usually you can find contact information such as name, aliases, age, current address and address history of different location person has lived, property information, maiden names, marriage and divorces, death records if the person is already deceased, bankruptcies, liens and judgements, criminal history, property ownership, information about neighbors and relatives and people associated with the individual your searching for.

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Looking for and old classmate or friend try People Search through public records.

Need to find out more about someone you met or got introduced find more with people search through public records, you can find address history, phone numbers, and other information available in public records such as property, civil and criminal hitory, etc.