Drivers License Search

Records for driving and drivers licenese are usually kept at DMV or Department of Motor Vehicle. In some states this is called OMV. DMV not only is repsonsible in maintaining the rules of the road but they administer driving tests. Both driving test and the written test which usually tests your knowledge of the rules of the road are administered by DMV also you are required an eye test to insure you have proper eyesight in order to be able to drive. Most DMV's issue informational booklets to help you learn the rules for driving and obtaning a drivers license. DMV also issues vehicle registration and other documentation related to driving. Most states only allow people to search their own records so please check with the state you are searching as to the rules to searching drivers license. Click on a state below to learn about getting information on Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers licenses, driving records, or accessing other motor vehicle services.

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