Alabama Court Records and Alabama Court Websites

Alabama State court records are a reliable source for doing Alabama criminal background search, locating Alabama people and looking up Alabama liens , Alabama judgements, Alabama bankruptcy and Alabama arrest records. Find the location of variousAlabama courts in as well as related local government judicial system websites, where you can find contact information, decisions, Alabama state law library and Alabama state level legal resources . State courts have jurisdiction over criminal cases, family law, divorce, adoptions, probate for wills and testament.

State courts usually have jurisdiction over the folloing cases:

  • Crimes under state legislation.
  • State constitutional cases
  • State law
  • Family law cases (marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.)
  • Real property cases
  • Contract dispute cases
  • Trade cases, business and partnerships as well as corporation cases
  • Professionsal cases including malpractice
  • Most professional malpractice issues.
  • Personal injury lawsuits as well as workers injury cases
  • Probate court and inheritance cases
  • Ttraffic court handles violations and cases related to motor vehicles and registration.

Constitution of each state governs the court system and the highest court in each state is the supreme court some courts have an intermdiary court of appeals, then we have the trial courts. State courts also include specialized courts such as famialy courts, juvenile courts and probate courts.Judges to state courts are usually either elected or appointed for limited time or for life.

Alabama Court Records by State