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Search background checks by state. Find State organization who provide background checks and criminal history reports. According to records US population in 2011 was approximately 283,940,954. Violent crime in United states was down on average about - 4% This was true in larger urban areas as well as smaller towns Murder was down about -1.9% with -14.45 in towns of population group 50,000 to 99,000 yet murder was down in large urban areas by as much as -4.1%. Unfortunately burglary was unchanged to slightly higher. So as you see there is crime in large or small cities and towns across United States and it is important to run background checks on those who have close contact with you or family members specially if you don't know anyting abou them. You should consider knowing more about neighbors, teachers, coaches, gardners, professionals. You should also check doctors and lawyers and other professionals you contract to provide you services. Imagine leaving your children with nannies you don't know anything about or coaches or tutors. You can also check sex offender lists to see if there are sex offenders living near you in your neighborhood. Most background checks list criminal records and history, it would also list convictions, judgements, criminal offenses, felonies, dates and cirminal case numbers.

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