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Search for vital records, birth records, find birth records and get birth certificates. The Vital Records Office provides eligible applicants with copies of birth certificates for births in each state. Get certified copies of state-issued birth certificates from all states in United States. Personal identification and a small fee may be required by each state.

Birth Records and Certificates
There are many reasons and circumstances which may call for you needing your birth certificate, or the birth certificate of someone else. Birth records and certificates list very important information that is used for official record keeping and tracking by many government and private institutions. On the front of a birth certificate is the baby's full name, the mother's full name, the date and time of birth, and the name of the doctor who delivered the baby. On the back of a birth certificate is the baby's family history, the mother's fingerprints, and the baby's footprints. The name which is printed on the birth certificate is the name which a child is officially recognized by for state and federal records. Because of the legally binding aspect of a birth certificate they are important to have access to in order to perform a variety of tasks.

Kinds of Birth Certificates
Though the basic information is the same there are two different kinds of birth certificates. The first kind is known as a short form. It is often issued in the form of a card. On the short form all of the important information is listed such as the legal name, official registration numbers, the signature of the official registrar, and other important legal information. A short form birth certificate is not widely excepted as a legally accurate document. It is seen more as proof that a birth certificate exists. Many databases only have access to short form certificates. The other kind of birth certificate is a long form birth certificate. The long form birth certificate has all the same information as the short form, but it also has the authorizing signatures of the parents as well as an official stamp by the issuing department.

Reason's For Needing a Birth Certificates
There are many reasons you may need to access either your own birth certificate and record or the birth records of others. Obtaining someone's birth certificate is essential for providing a background check as it verifies the person you are checking on has not lied about their name. You also need an official copy of your birth certificate in order to obtain drivers licenses, passports, and other official government issued documents. Another popular reason for wanting to obtain birth records is for those who are interested in learning more about their families genealogy.

How to Search for Birth Records
With the advent and proliferation of the internet, finding birth records and certificates has become easier than ever. For those who are looking for birth records to construct a family genealogy there are numerous websites designed specifically for that purpose. For those who wish to obtain their own birth certificates there are multiple websites which allow you to fill out a formal request for your birth certificate. Once you fill out the proper information it will be sent to your local government facility which will then mail you an official birth certificate with your information on it. It is important to make sure that they send you a long form birth certificate as this is the only legally binding and widely excepted version of a birth certificate.

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