Cobb County Georgia

Cobb County Georgia Jail Rules


If you have questions regarding the visitation process, please call (770)499-4359. 

To schedule visitation call (770)852-3798 or (770)852-3799. 

Inmate Mail

Correspondence and/or money may be sent to an inmate at the below listed address:

Address   Sample
Cobb County Jail   Cobb County Jail
Inmate Name, Inmate Location and ID Number   John Doe, B1-993, 999123
P.O. Box 100110   PO BOX 100110
Marietta, GA 30061   Marietta, GA 30061

It is important to include the full name of the inmate when sending correspondence since it is not unusual to have more than one inmate with the same name. If the inmate’s housing location or ID number is known, please include this information as well. The inmate location is the housing area for the inmate. The inmate ID number is a specific identifier for the inmate, as more than one inmate may have the same name. You may use our online services to determine the SOID and location.

When sending money to an inmate through the mail, please send US Postal Money Orders. Other types of money orders and checks are not accepted. We also request that no cash be sent through the mail since it can be easily lost or stolen. The Sheriff's Office will not assume responsibility for any cash sent through the mail that is lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, there are many ways that drugs and other contraband can be introduced into a jail facility. As a result, the following common items which lend themselves to the introduction of contraband may not be sent to an inmate in custody:

  • stamps,
  • stationery,
  • writing instruments,
  • items containing glue,
  • oversized greeting cards,
  • credit cards,
  • blank checks,
  • plastic items,
  • jewelry,
  • anything used to conduct a business,
  • candy,
  • food,
  • Polaroid pictures or sexually explicit photographs.

Telephone Calls

Inmates may not receive incoming phone calls. Absent disciplinary restrictions, an inmate is free to place phone calls daily from 9:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. There is a service fee charged by the phone service provider to the called party. The rates charged are regulated and approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission. 

If you believe that your telephone bill contains an error or if a block has been placed on your phone due to billing issues, call CBS Billing at (800) 844-6591. If you are receiving unwanted calls from an inmate, you may request a block on your number by calling the Inmate Telephone Coordinator at the jail, Monday through Friday, during the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The telephone number is (770)499-4316.

Inmate Money, in general:

When an individual is booked into the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, any money that is in his or her possession is counted, receipted, and entered into a banking system. Although Cobb County provides for the necessities of each person residing at the jail, this banking system allows the Inmate to purchase additional commissary items usually on a weekly basis. The inmate can also use this money to make their own bond. If you would like to contribute to the Inmate's account balance, payments may be sent through the mail using US Postal Money Orders. Money can be wired to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center through the Western Union System of Quick Collect. Please call 770-499-4200 for additional information on Western Union Quick Collect. We also accept cash and US Postal money orders in person at the Visitation Center daily from 9am until 8:30 pm. The Visitation Center is located on the right corner of 1825 County Services Parkway before entering the Adult Detention Center Complex.

Bond Information

Georgia law §17-6-15 provides the Sheriff the authority to establish, publish, and regulate the guidelines and rules for bonding arrested individuals. The administration of this process is performed by the Bonding Administration personnel of the Sheriff's Office.

There are mutiple methods for obtaining the release of an individual incarcerated in the Cobb County Jail. The act requires an individual to ensure the appearance of the arrested individual for all court appearances until adjudication. The obligating individual(s) are known as the surety. The individual being released from custody is referred to as the principal.

The methods available are:

  • Cash bond
  • Property bond
  • Out of county property bond
  • Professional bond
  • Driver's License Collateral
  • Pretrial Release

Multiple bonds may be required to gain the release of any one incarcerated individual. This is dependant upon the charges against the individual. Each bond has additional fees known as surcharges. In addition, there is a non-refundable bond fee of $13.00 per bond instrument written.

Cash Bond

Cash in the full amount of the bond, which will be returned by the court to the surety when the appearance requirements of the bond have been fulfilled. Checks and credit cards are NOT accepted.

Property Bond

The private property being offered as a gurantee for the principal to appear in court MUST be located in Cobb County, Georgia. Every individual listed on the warranty deed or tax receipt must be present to sign the related documents. The documents required for acceptance are: 1) Warranty Deed and current tax bill, Quit Claim deed if applicable; 2) Picture identification issued by government entity. These documents must be presented at the Cobb County Jail by all individuals listed on the warranty deed or tax receipt.

Out of County Property Bond

An "Out of County" property bond is like the typical property bond with the exception of some requirements. The property being offered as a gurantee of the principals appearance is located outside of Cobb County. (e.g. Fulton, Dekalb, or any of the 159 counties in Georgia) In this case, the bond has to be prepared by the Sheriff of the county where the property is located. (e.g. Property in Paulding County will have to be prepared by the Paulding County Sheriff's Office) You will need to contact the Sheriff's Office of that county for their requirements. Bonds from a licensed bonding company of another county are not acceptable.

Professional Bond

A Professional Bond is posted by a company operating as a professional bonding company in Cobb County. The company must be registered and authorized by the Sheriff's Office of Cobb County. Any company is subject to being suspended from operation under the rules published by the Sheriff. 

Georgia law allows a professional bonding company to charge up to 12% for bonds no more than $10,000.00 and up to 15% for bonds in excess of $10,000. This non-refundable fee is above the actual costs associated with "posting" the bond.

Bonding Company Contact Info
2351 Austell Road, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 770-436-2292
Fax: 770-436-2242
2208 Austell Road, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 770-434-9665
Fax: 770-434-8745
1409 Powder Springs Street, Marietta, Georgia 30064
Telephone: 770-627-3235
Fax: 770-423-1427
959 Overbrook Circle, Marietta, GA 30062
Telephone: 678-799-5005
Fax: 770-424-1665
2357 Austell Road, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 770-333-8589
Fax: 770-801-0183
1485 County Services Parkway, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 678-354-0070
Fax: 770-387-2155
PMB 202 3600 Dallas Hwy., Suite 230, Marietta, GA 30064

Telephone: 770-425-1047
Fax: 770-218-5731
2674 Austell Road, Suite A, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 770-434-2188
Fax: 770-434-2231
1115 Powder Springs Road, Marietta, GA 30064
Telephone: 770-422-7808
Fax: 770-338-0431
2291 Austell Road, Suite 102, Marietta, GA 30008
Telephone: 770-436-1115
Fax: 770-436-1711

2110 Austell Road, Marietta, GA 30008

Telephone: 770-427-6475
Fax: 770-516-7099

Driver's License Collateral

The principal may use a valid Georgia Driver’s License as bond if charged with a misdemeanor offense (exception: DUI); in custody for a minimum of 5 days, bond amount is $1,000.00 or less (including surcharges). Any failure to appear will result in suspension of license.

Pretrial Release

In the event an individual is unable to arrange for release, the incarcerated person may request an interview with a representative of the Cobb County Pretrial Court Service Agency. The incarcerated individual will be contacted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday) by Pretrial personnel. For those seeking release through Pretrial, an interview is required. After the investigation is completed, the court may authorize a reduction in your bond or you may be recommended for release either through the Conditional Release Program or by posting a 10% cash bond. A defendant posting a 10% cash bond with the court will be refunded approximately 90% of his deposit upon completing the requirements of the bond. Both 10% releases and individuals on Conditional Release will be supervised by Pretrial Court Services' personnel until their case is completed.

Contact Information

Cobb County Jail -- Bonding Information 
Cobb County Sheriff's Office
1825 County Services Parkway Google Map
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Telephone: (770) 499-4255
Facsimile: (770) 499-4201

Cobb County Sheriff's Office
Public Safety Building, Second Floor
185 Roswell Street
Marietta, Georgia 30060

Telephone: (770) 499-4623
Facsimile: (770) 499-4796

Contact Information  
Cobb County Sheriff's Office 
1825 County Services Parkway
Marietta, GA 30008

Telephone: (770) 499-4200 -- Switchboard
(770) 499-4221 -- Jail Administration -- Business hours only
(770) 499-4255 -- Bonding Information
(770) 499-4359 -- Visitation

Correctional Billing Systems (CBS)
Telephone: (800) 844-6591
(770) 499-4316 -- Jail Telephone Coordinator during business hours only