How to Run a Background Check

If you are planning to hire someone, it coud be a nanny, a contractor, a gardner, or there is someone you have come to know and need to know more about. You probably need a background check.Each state has a different rule and resources for conducting a background check or checking criminal history on anyone. The best thins is to get as much informaiton you can in advance. Usually more than first name and last name. Usually having social security number, fingerprints, birth date any amount of information will help you get more accurate information when you search, otherwise you might get information that is particular to a name and not a person which means it will have records for many people with the same name.

Usually most state or state court offices who would help you get a background check will charge you a nominal fee around $20-30 for their services. Please remember that if you are conducting a background check for employment you are bound by FCRA rules which dictates certain rights which are protected for the person who you are checking on. There are services who are FCRA approved and others who provide general non employment related background checks. You can get guidance from the National Association of Background Check Screening. Search the National Association of BackgroundCheck Screening Site for more guidance and list of services who would qualify for FCRA.